Final thoughts…


For my final ‘management’ blog post, I am required to reflect on the process of writing the weekly posts as a learning and development platform.

Personally, I found the process of reflecting on the course materials to be enjoyable. I wanted to use the readings as an informal springboard for my own thoughts and ideas. I don’t believe in wasting words and so if I was going to develop a web presence then I wanted to try and say something meaningful in my posts. I often find that the structures of more formal writing can act as an obstacle to the development of ideas. Writing informal blog posts meant that I could relax and not worry so much about writing style and structure, which allowed me to focus more on drawing out some of my own ideas. The blog also encouraged me to think more about the benefits of having an online presence as part of my own professional development, which is why I decided to write more substantial blog posts and to add extra content to the blog based on my interests in some of the other modules on the MLIS. I saw the blog as an opportunity to develop an e-portfolio that I could use to connect with other LIS professionals and that would also help me when looking for a job. In this sense, it was interesting to monitor the blog to see which posts were most popular. For example, the most recent post on Digital Curation received more views and shares than any other of my posts. This is an area that I am very interested in, and along with posting on information theory, I am going to continue to blog in order to try and make more connections online, and also to develop ideas for possible future articles and conference papers.

In this sense, the reflections encouraged me to think more about my own relationship to information studies, allowing me to understand how I can contribute to the field and develop my career. I must admit that I got sidetracked into thinking more about how to maximise the potential of the blog rather than focusing on understanding and explicating the course content. I am now looking forward to having more time to delete blog posts that I feel don’t really do anything for the overall look and profile of the blog, and then having time to create more content that is relevant to my interests in the field. Overall, the weekly reflections were not only enjoyable and informative of course content, but also very valuable in developing an identity and creating a presence in the information studies field. I am grateful to the lecturer for opening up this avenue of expression and career development to me.

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